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From: Joseph Bonis
When I was working on my new book, everything was new and scary, and overwhelming.  Editors were this scary thing that were going to make you go back and rewrite everything.  Instead, she was professional, quick, and precise, and she talked to me about what I wanted from the book - working with me on a regular basis to make sure everything came out right.  She helped me to feel I really could do this.

From: Angelina Kalahari
Working with Kaycee on my debut novel, The Healing Touch, was a wonderfully painless experience. She took away the scariness of the edit by being sensitive, yet very professional, prompt, and efficient.
I was slightly trepidatious about approaching an editor, as I did not want someone to change my book too much, but rather to enhance it. That is exactly what Kaycee did, only she did much more, and she also retained the ‘Britishness’ of the novel. I feel the sentences flow so much better. The story as a whole has benefitted tremendously from her input. The book sounds much more legato when I read it now, like a song.
I can highly recommend Kaycee and I cannot wait to work with her again on my next novel. I would not dream of going to anyone else.

Working with Kaycee was fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and thorough. Not only did she have the first round of edits back to me in a flash, Kaycee caught items that myself and several beta readers had missed. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

From: NW
I would like to thank Kaycee Hawn for her assistance with my story. I have received help from others in the past but Kaycee's editing skills have helped me in ways that others have failed. People have told me where I may have problems but Kaycee not only showed me where they were but how to fix them. She is great at finding the little things as well as the big. She helped me with my grammar as well as pointing out repeated words, something I tend to do often. She has helped me learn so I can do better in the future as well as the current book I'm working on. I appreciate everything she has done to help me and my book. Thank you.

From: Kevin C. Carpenter
Renaissance Wordsmith helped me along in the writing process with a thorough editing job that brought key elements of my work into focus so that I knew what I needed to do to improve the flow of the story.

From: GP
Kaycee Hawn is a creative brainstormer. Tell her the premise of a story you have in mind or where you’re blocked in making a scene move forward and she’ll send you a page of questions to help you unravel the mysteries of the story. She does not write the story for you or tell you how to write it. She poses questions to help you think through to the point you can write it yourself.
I told her I was thinking about writing a story about a mermaid who shape-shifts to a human and back, but I had no idea how to proceed. Within an hour I received an email full of questions that helped put me on the right track. She also pointed out that I needed to create the mermaid’s world when she is not a human, something I hadn’t considered. She asked a number of questions about that scenario as well and now my mermaid story is well on its way to being plotted and written.
Kaycee has also done some editing for me on a completed novel as well as short stories I have written. She is great about catching inconsistencies in the plot, plot holes, and characters that don’t quite work with the story. She also helped me fix sentence structure and grammatical errors I’m especially prone to. She pointed out places I repeatedly used the same word or phrase and made some suggestions for changes. Kaycee also helped me weed out the clichés I so easily tend to lean on.
All in all, I’m extremely pleased with the quality of work Kaycee has done for me, both brainstorming and editing. I highly recommend her and she can count on my continuing business.

From: R. E. Bradshaw
After self-publishing without an editor and being surprisingly successful, I was still constantly apologizing for my unedited work. I learned my lesson and went in search of an editor. I was concerned with all the "horror" stories I had heard about how an editor would change the way I wrote. Kaycee relieved all of that stress with her first edit. She walked me through my consistent mistakes and patiently worked with me to shape my first edited novel into a #1 best seller in its genre on Amazon. The second novel she edited for me has garnered many comments on how well it was edited. It too is at the top of the best seller list. I couldn't have done it without her. Kaycee will remain my editor and I am so glad I found her.

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